Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fresh peas and another quiche

There is a huge wind storm howling outside my window as I am writing this.  

It seems like a winter of stormy winds and cold, cold nights.  Not normal for here, not this cold anyway.

The mornings are icy and the cold bites through your bones.  Not my kind of weather.  If you know me, you'll know that I am not fond of winter.  Not at all.  

These last few weeks called for a fire in the hearth and lots of hot chocolates and soups.  

The days are wonderful though.  And on weekends we like to spend a lot of our time outside in the garden.  Lunches call for picnic food.  

The peas are just perfect in the garden now.  We strolled down to the garden just before sunset and spend the last hour of the daylight eating peas straight out of their pods.  We eat until we can no more.

Our daily pea excursion has become routine now.  And we do manage to save some for cooking, well sometimes.

I used this recipe and used about half a cup of peas for the filling. 

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