Monday, March 19, 2012

A french tea in a lemon orchard

The husband of a very good friend phoned me a few weeks ago and asked if I could help him to organize a surprise party for his wife.  Of course, how could I resist?  And he emailed me a photo of a table in an orchard with little bunting flags whisping in the wind.  Not everyday you receive a brief from a husband....

And so the planning started.  The logistics were a bit daunting, as it meant EVERYTHING had to be transported there and if something was left behind, we'll have had to manage without.  I packed the car to the limit and stacked boxes of cakes and sweets on top op plates and straws.

But wow, what a morning!  It rained the night before, but when I peeked outside early on saturday, the cloads were gone and in their place were the bluest sky and the lightest mist just touching the mountains.  The sort of morning you wish you could touch and keep in a special place for later.  The orchard was the perfect setting for us friends to mingle.  The props felt as if they were meant to be there and we lingered as long as the fierce Lowveld sun allowed us to.

Happy birthday Marique!!  I loved being part of a special day for such a wonderful person.