Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Roses in abundance

No food in sight today. Only roses and not of the rosewater kind either.

I have this ability to get myself into things from time to time. And mostly, when I look back I am dumbfounded as to how. Well, it is a long story, but the short version is that I was sent an SOS by my son's teacher to help (on very short notice) with the flowers for her son's wedding.
Like I said, I get myself into things, so of course without thinking twice I agreed. Little did I know that the flowers involved 1500 roses and 25 vases and a few bouquets and roses tied onto chairs and...

Now, you have to realize that I am far from a professional florist. My day job involves spreadsheets and calculations with very little to offer on the creative front. Orchids, flowers and gardening are all hobbies that takes a back seat most days. The day job pays the bills. Getting my hands dirty is what makes me tick.

So, needless to say, I had tons of fun and loved every minute of it. The most rewarding part of course was arriving at the stunning venue and seeing the final result. The bride and the teacher and all the on-lookers became teary eyed and hugs and kisses followed. They loved it! And, dare I humbly say it, I did too!