Monday, May 23, 2011

Home made tortillas

I am sad today.  We lost an orchid friend last night and death inevitably forces me to contemplate life.  It just does.  

As I sit here pondering his life, the times we laughed, I also think of the people dearest to me.  The things I want to do still.  The people I want to phone and meet for coffee...  The list goes on.

Life is such a gift.  Probably the biggest we'll ever receive.  And yet we all tend to forget it sometimes.  The tangled mess that is stress, work, worries tend to derail my best intentions sometimes (all too often) to not sweat the small stuff.  

Mike Schalit commented in an interview here that his idea of perfect happiness is to wake up.  Such a simple statement, but with a naked truth that cuts to the bone.  It is essentially what we should all feel when we wake up - elation.  

Be happy when you wake up, because you woke up. 

I post a recipe in stark contrast to the mood here.  It is a happy recipe.  One for get-togethers and quick family suppers.  It is the kind of food you can get together in no time what so-ever and have more time to spend with who-ever is coming to dinner.

The tortillas take no time to prepare, but are worlds apart from the supermarket variety.  Really worth a try.  I got the recipe here.

The filling is really easy.  Just fry some chicken strips in a bit of oil and garlic until juicy.  Season with some lemon juice, salt and pepper.

Add some tomato salsa and gaucamole.


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