Thursday, May 20, 2010

Vegetables and chickens

I have a huge vegetable garden. Actually, I have two. A small one just outside my back door where I grow herbs and some lettuces and also a very, very big one at the bottom of my garden. I have chickens too. Lucky, lucky me, to quote Lola (you know, from Charlie and Lola). I say it often when I stroll down there, basket in hand to go pick something for the dinner. It is not always easy to live in sunny South Africa and many of my friends and family have left for greener pastures. They are spread around the globe for various reasons, mostly the kind that makes the headlines: Crime, economic crisis, corruption.... All the things we would rather not speak of in a blog about food and pure indulgence. But for us the trade off is just not worth it. We love plants far too much. And space and blue skies and sunshine and African sunsets. But most of all, I love my vegetable garden and the kids just adore it too. So, we are here to stay!
The little ones and I have this little ritual in the late afternoon - feed the chickens and pick vegetables. All three of us just loose ourselves amongst the green leaves and blooms and promises of fresh vegetables. It is the best stress release, guaranteed.

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