Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Nougat presents

In laws and family ties can be a tricky thing, as you may all know too well. My family and its intricate political nuances are no exception. We have our share of sticky, tricky situations of the 'want to pull your hair out' kind often enough.

We are right in the middle of just such a situation again at the moment and as usual, I am the designated negotiator. My untactful self have to once again try and talk to the aggrieved sister-in-law and try to figure out why, oh why she is upset with all of us. Once we know why, we can try to patch the already patchy relationship once again.

Not my favourite thing to do, but sometimes you just got to suck it up for family ties.

I had a little plan up my sleeve though, nougat. Yes, sticky, sweet nougat to smooth out a sticky situation. Sweet, unctuous nougat to do the talking for me. With this mission in mind, I brought out the termometer, sauce pans and food processor. And when all was heated and whisked and mixed into one white cloud of sweet temptation, I knew I would be able to win her over.

The next morning, I wrapped a beautiful slice in waxy paper, tied a bow and dashed off to the reconciliation attempt.

What can I say? Who can resist nougat; it worked like a charm. Not everybody is back on speaking terms yet. But we took the first step and who knows, pretty soon family gatherings might be a happy affair again.

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